PCT International Patent

No Such Thing as International Patents: Why You Need PCT International Patents

Before shifting your global enterprise onto the global theater, you’ll likely need a PCT international patent. Patents are necessary to protect your enterprise’s inventions and intellectual property (IP) from competitors. Unfortunately, patents only enforce these protections within the countries where they hold jurisdiction. This means if you have a United States patent, your IP is safe within the boundaries of the U.S. If your enterprise aims to do business outside the U.S., the patent has no authority.In this situation, the primary problem is that there is no international patent. Each patent must be applied for within your target country. This, of course, can swiftly turn into a tedious and expensive task, particularly if your enterprise has several jurisdictions in its sights.For this reason, several international bodies have banded together to simplify the patent process. By providing a safe, simple means to protect IP, these international groups make it easier for enterprises to move forward with confidence into brand new markets, bringing with them innovations, technology and jobs.

What is a PCT International Patent?

A PCT international patent is a form of international patent protection. The Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) offers a unified process when it comes to applying for a patent. Patents filed according to the PCT’s guidelines are often referred to as international patent applications or as PCT patent applications. Enterprises need only file in one language and pay only one set of fees for the initial filing and the international patent application search.

The PCT is administered by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and boasts more than 140 contracting countries. But note, simply filing an application doesn’t result in the granting of a PCT patent. It merely grants your enterprise access to a standardized application system that is recognized by several nations. There are still regional and national steps that need to be taken before a patent is validated in another nation.

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