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Building IP Outsourcing Strategies that are Win-Win

MultiLing CEO Michael Sneddon recently published an article outlining best practices in IP outsourcing. Sneddon interviewed Jeffrey L. Ranck, former assistant general counsel at Microsoft, senior patent counsel with Schwegman Lundberg Woessner and MultiLing director, about his experience turning Microsoft into a leading patent filer by helping improve its IP outsourcing strategy. One point from […]

MultiLing ISO 9001:2008 Certified

MultiLing is now ISO9001:2008 certified, the internationally recognized set of quality management standards from the International Organization of Standardization. The company also renewed its EN 15038:2006 certification, the European quality standard for translation services. “Translation is all about trust, as clients really only know how accurate – or inaccurate – their patent translations are when they receive […]

MultiLing in the News: Unique Challenges of Protecting IP in Japan

Two more publications recently included articles about the unique challenges of protecting intellectual property in Japan. IP Frontline used a column bylined by Adam Bigelow, MultiLing’s regional director for Asia, “5 Roles Translation Plays in Filing a Patent in Japan,” as well as an infographic on Japanese patent translation. This was the lead article when it appeared. […]

MultiLing in the News: 4 Things To Consider Before Going Global

Michael Sneddon, MultiLing president and CEO, recently published an article in highlighting four tips for a successful global launch of your business. As MultiLing president, Sneddon, leads a company that has offices in eight markets and offers translation services in more than 80 languages in 120 countries. What other tips have you learned from your experience? Read the […]

MultiLing Opens New Office in Taiwan

Also Expands Offices in China, Japan and South Korea to Meet Increasing Demand for IP Translation Services Across Asia A new MultiLing office in Taipei City and a 270 percent increase in office space in China, Japan and South Korea will accommodate additional employees and strongly position MultiLing to meet the increasing demand for IP […]

IP Outsourcing Trends: Get To Know Your Partner

Todd Rapier, MultiLing EVP of worldwide sales, participated on a panel to discuss EmergingTrends and Considerations in IP Outsourcing at the Global IP Outsourcing Conference and Exhibition in San Francisco, Feb. 17-18. Tim Troy, senior counsel at Dow Corning and MultiLing client, also participated on the panel. The session was designed to give conference attendees practical insights into how […]