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4 Fundamental Technologies for Foreign Patent Filing

The strength of an international patent application, in part, relies on the quality of the patent translation services, and universal translation technology is significantly aiding human translations for more efficient foreign patent filing. While some form of technology has been used for translations since the 1940s – beginning with electronic files rather than paper documents – there are four major […]

Is “Good Enough” an Option for Translation Quality?

Jeremy Coombs, senior vice president of operations at MultiLing, shares new ideas on how to measure translation quality in a contributed column to IP Frontline. This leading IP portal helps the IP community share information and also provides original reporting on IP news each day. Read the complete article from Coombs here.  In his article, Coombs presents […]

GIPC: MultiLing Exec Presents on Reducing Risk in IP

Peter Fischer, MultiLing director of business development for Europe, presented yesterday at the 6thGlobal IP Convention (GIPC) in Hyderabad, India. The topic of his presentation, How to reduce risk in your IP portfolio, focused on what risks are inherent in foreign patent filings and how a centralized translation model can help manage that risk for decreased office actions, decreased […]

Patents and Clean Energy

Technology development and its rapid diffusion are considered crucial for tackling the climate change challenge. In particular, enhancing technology transfer towards developing countries has been an integral part of the global climate change regime since the inception of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). The Bali Action Plan reaffirmed its centrality, and […]

EPO Announces Addition of Six New Languages to Patent Translate

In a move to further improve multilingual access to information contained in patent documents, the European Patent Office (EPO) now made another set of European languages available in its free machine translation service Patent Translate. With the addition of Bulgarian, Czech, Icelandic, Romanian, Slovak and Slovenian, the service now offers on-the-fly-translation from and into English for […]

EPO and IEC Agree to Cooperate on Standards and Patents

The European Patent Office (EPO) and the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) have agreed to work closely together by facilitating the EPO use of IEC’s standardisation documents in all phases of its patenting process. The agreement sets another milestone for co-operation between the EPO and Standards Development Organisations (SDOs) to ensure greater legal certainty for patents […]

German Industry Magazine Reports About Linport Project

In its current issue, German magazine “Technische Kommunikation" (technical communications) reports about MultiLing’s engagement in the Linport project. Linport – the Language Interoperability Portfolio Project – is an open, vendor-independent format that can be implemented by many different translation tools to package translation materials. With a large cash donation, a percentage of marketing support and […]

MultiLing Enters 25th Year with Double-Digit Growth Despite Global Economic Turndown

We are proud to announce that our worldwide revenues increased 13 percent in 2012. This growth resulted from a continued increase in the number of U.S., European and Asian enterprises spending millions of dollars per year on translations despite global economic downturn. To accommodate this growth, we made significant investments throughout 2012, including expanding our […]

Automatic Translations: MultiLing Partners with GSI for Seemless Integration into Patent Translation Workflow

Good news for technical writers! With one click, users of GSI Office Management products WINPAT and IP Manager will be able to initiate high quality translations of patent applications and other documents neededthroughout the patent lifecycle. Through a new cooperative development agreement between Munich-based GSI and MultiLing, which translates into more than 80 languages, the […]

Get in Touch with MultiLing

MultiLing’s sales team is massively expanding its activities on tradeshows, conferences and industry fairs all over the world. If you would like to get in personal contact with us, please check this event list for the nearest location. If you click on the desired entry, you will be directed to the corresponding website. Please contact […]