Expanding in Asia: Adam Bigelow Promoted to Regional Manager

MultiLing headquarters has announced the promotion of Adam Bigelow to regional manager of the company’s Asia business. Bigelow, who will also continue as MultiLing’s country manager for Japan, will oversee the growth of the company in Japan, China, South Korea and other Asian markets as the region continues to show a dramatic upsurge in international patent filings to and from the United States and Europe.

According to the World Intellectual Property Association, the intellectual property offices in China and Japan are now the first and third largest in the world, as measured by the number of patent applications received (the United States is second). In 2011, China received 526,412 applications, compared to 503,582 in the United States (previously the largest office) and 342,610 applications in Japan.

In anticipation of this growth, MultiLing opened its office in Japan in 2006 and expanded it in April 2012 with new space to accommodate growth. The company’s office in Tianjin, China, 30 minutes from Beijing by high-speed train, opened in Fall 2011.

“A recent study by the Steinbeis Transfer Institute of Stuttgart, Germany, confirmed what we’ve long been hearing: The problem of incorrect patent translations arises most frequently in China and Japan, mainly due to the inability to check translations in these languages because of the lack of internal resources with those language skills,” said Bigelow, who attended the 2013 Asia IP Exchange Summit in Seoul last week. “As a result, companies seeking patent filings to and from these Asian languages need highly specialized translators who are intimately familiar with the target language. Accuracy matters most when protecting IP in the global market.”

MultiLing’s global enterprise clients have annual translation budgets exceeding $10 million. With more than half of MultLing’s translators holding PhD or masters degrees in scientific fields, MultiLing best serves enterprises with highly technical requirements, focusing on patents, litigation and prosecution needs as well as technical materials such as software, manuals and websites. The company’s unique centralized translation model includes highly specialized teams; terminology management; quality control; proprietary technology and centralized processes.

On June 20, Bigelow will present a webinar for GALA (Globalization and Localization Association) on “Protecting IP in Asia: How to Eliminate Translation Issues Across Patents and Other Scientific Documents.”