Germany’s Innovation Prize Dieselmedaille Has Announced 2012 Winners

On November 30, the hosts of the oldest German innovation prize, the Dieselmedaille, announced this year’s winners. The award, which is presented by the German Institute for Inventions and was co-founded in 1953 by Eugen Diesel, the son of the engine builder Rudolf Diesel, honors inventions and innovative companies that have successfully found their way into regional and international markets. Since 1953, the Dieselmedaille has been awarded to more than 400 inventors, including Wernher von Braun Gottlob Bauknecht, Hans Viessmann, Arthur Fischer, Anton Kathrein, Sybill Storz, Fritz Sennheiser, and the Nobel prize winners Herrmann Staudinger, Ernst Ruska and Manfred Eigen. Other honorees include the founders of SAP, Dietmar Hopp, Prof. Dr. h.c. Hasso Plattner and Dr. h.c. Klaus E. Tschira.

MultiLing has sponsored this major inventor’s event in Germany for the second year.

Watch the TV presentation of the 2012 award ceremony including a statement from MultiLing CEO Michael Sneddon on Youtube (German language).