Business Translation Services

Clash of the Tech Titans

Business translation services are vital to any corporation with its eyes on the global market. In recent years we’ve seen the leading technology firms waging a global slugfest across international borders: Apple vs. Samsung, Google vs. Apple, Yahoo! vs. Facebook.

The majority of these clashes arose over patent infringement. Even the world’s leading tech giants will testify that protecting their intellectual property is of primary concern. And of course in a global market, patent documents are only as good as their translation.

Multifaceted Business Translation Services

A business relies heavily on its documentation, and not just its legal protections. Technical and financial business documents that must also bridge the linguistic divide include:

  •            Contracts and agreements
  •            Corporate communications
  •            Marketing materials
  •            Procedures and manuals
  •            Web sites and software
  •            Technical diagrams
  •            Financial statements
  •            Product information

But it goes beyond documentation. Websites need to be available in other languages. Peer reviews have to bridge the language gap. Legal documents must have the weight of the law behind them, which requires a precise and expansive command of both the source and target languages.

The Usual Business Translation Solution

Usually a company turns all its translation needs over to its in-house counsel, who then retains a translation firm.

Unfortunately, most translation firms employee a decentralized, difficult-to-manage model with separate teams scattered throughout the world, each one coordinated by a different foreign agent. This approach normally proves to be painstakingly slow, and expensive. The resulting translations are rife with errors that can lead to possible legalistic weakness when it comes to contracts, agreements, and patent protections.

Thankfully, this is not the only translation service opportunity for businesses.

MultiLing: The Top Name in Business Translation Services

MultiLing specializes in business translation services, particularly international patent protection applications, legal document translation, and other intellectual property protections. Their centralized translation model has proven efficient in opening up twice as many jurisdictions to companies for roughly the same cost those companies paid their previous translation firm.

That’s right – same spend, twice the market expansion, and done in less time and with more transparency than any other business translation service.

MultiLing accomplishes this through a centralized translation service, with in-house teams of translators, many of them equipped with higher degrees in language, law, engineering, and many other specialties. This wide range of expertise, coupled with our proprietary software and rigorous quality control measures, have earned us the trust of several global leaders like Procter & Gamble, IBM, and Dell.

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