Patent Translation Service Options

Pain Points Associated with Patent Translation

Competing on a global market increasingly requires the service of a fast, accurate and secure patent translation service.

A patent is a legal document granting certain rights of ownership to an enterprise. By definition, however, a patent’s jurisdiction extends only as far as the country’s recognized borders. A patent obtained in the U.S., for example, extends no protection to the same product if it’s manufactured in China or Singapore. In order to protect that vital intellectual property, a patent and patent translation services are necessary.

Unfortunately, as much of the world’s patent-granting bodies seek to streamline and unify their various patent prosecution processes, many patent-translating services have yet to follow suit. Non-uniform and decentralized processes lead to slow turnaround times and increased risk of errors which can severely hamper the patent translation process.

Best Practices for International Translation Services

With 25 years of experience in handling patent translations, MultiLing has identified several key practices that are essential when evaluating language translation services:

·         In-country translators provide more accurate translation services

·         Translators with patent experience and degrees in technical subject provide quality technical translations

·         Professional translation services should manage IP language and terminology from a single point of reference

·         Management of all translations through a single point of contact reduces administrative, maintenance and data-handling costs.

MultiLing’s Centralized Business Translation Services

Unlike many translation agencies, MultiLing benefits from a centralized and highly unique model that allows for enhanced productivity without having to increase your translation spend. Among the elements that contribute to this groundbreaking model, a few standout aspects include:

Expert Translators

MultiLing’s global translation services consist of translation teams of experts in translation and patent practices who also possess advanced degrees in technical fields.

Advanced Terminology Management

MultiLing has invested millions in proprietary technology to produce higher-quality translations.

Quality Controls

Many global translation services obtain certifications and adhere to guidelines upheld by some of the most demanding translation standards organizations in the world. MultiLing takes it one step further. We also innovate, and patent, stringent quality-control methods.

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