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MultiLing in the News: Legal Translations in Latin America

The Globalization and Localization Association (GALA) blog recently published an article by MultiLing’s director of business development in Latin America, Evelyn Paredes. In her article, “The Unique Challenges of Legal Translation in Latin America,” Paredes describes the growth of Pacific Alliance countries – Peru, Chile, Colombia and Mexico – and how an elimination in tariffs is simplifying […]

MultiLing in the News: Unique Challenges of Protecting IP in Japan

Two more publications recently included articles about the unique challenges of protecting intellectual property in Japan. IP Frontline used a column bylined by Adam Bigelow, MultiLing’s regional director for Asia, “5 Roles Translation Plays in Filing a Patent in Japan,” as well as an infographic on Japanese patent translation. This was the lead article when it appeared. […]

IP News Roundup: China opens IP center, America’s IP exceeds $5 trillion

A summary of IP and patent news around the world. Pirates beware as China opens first intellectual property center The law firm Rouse recently linked up with the prestigious Tsinghua University to launch China’s first intellectual property center in Beijing, which aims to support the 31,000 current students and all past alumni of the university, as well […]

In the News: Are You Following “Best Practices” in IP Translations?

IP law firms represent a great market for MultiLing’s IP translation services as well other related IP support services. This week, Lyle Ball, MultiLing COO, published a guest post on the Wells IP Law blog about best practices in IP translations. With law firms’ client’s intellectual property – and future business – at stake, Ball highlights how critical it […]

IP News Roundup

A summary of IP and patent news around the world. Senate Patent Reform Bill Delayed Yet Again A bi-partisan Senate bill aimed at curbing abuse of the U.S. patent system has been handed another setback today, with Senate Judiciary Chairman Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.) announcing that, for the fourth time, consideration of the Patent Transparency and Improvements Act will […]

What Makes Japanese Patent Translation So Difficult?

Did you realize that the Japanese language has four different alphabets, or sets of writing symbols? They are hiragana, katakana, kanji, as well as romaji, which is simply the Latin alphabet used for phonetic spelling of Japanese words. No wonder companies report that Japanese patent translations have one of the highest error rates, according to a study by the Steinbeis Transfer […]

MultiLing in the News: Adam Bigelow Unlocks the Peculiarities of Filing Patents in Asia

The March 20, 2014 issue of IPPro Life Sciences includes an article on unique patent filing challenges in China, Japan and Korea by Adam Bigelow, MultiLing regional director for Asia. Unlocking the Peculiarities highlights nuances to consider when filing patents in the different northeast Asian jurisdictions. Adam writes: “Filing in these countries comes with a unique set of challenges, […]

Lyle Ball Presents at China IP & Innovation Summit

MultiLing COO Lyle Ball presented on how to reduce risk in your IP portfolio with streamlined patent translation services at the China Intellectual Property & Innovation Summit in Hangzhou, China. Additionally, as a sponsor of the event, Lyle was able to share opening remarks, conduct a general session, introduce speakers and a panel discussion,  providing exposure of […]

IP News Roundup

A summary of IP and patent news around the world. US No. 1 in Patent Filings at the European Patent Office Patent filings at the European Patent Office (EPO) hit a new record in 2013, with applications coming from the United States growing by 2.8% (2012: +5.1%). Last year U.S. companies deposited 64,967, or 24.5%, […]

INFOGRAPHIC: Protecting Intellectual Property

Have you ever stopped to think about what it is that all foreign patent filings have in common? The answer is translation. Best practices in the translation process can have a major effect on the overall patent filing and prosecution process. The right people, process and technology in IP services will protect your IP and […]