Easing the Transition of Change: 5 Tips from a CEO

B2C_LogoKeeping pace with the lightning fast changes born of technology is a stressful and daunting task. Michael Sneddon, MultiLing CEO, recently published an article in Business2Community with some tips for embracing change since it is clear that the rate at which we are searching out and adopting new tools and processes is not slowing down.

MultiLing_Michael_Sneddon“Ironically, our seemingly insatiable passion for innovation sometimes results in changes we then resist. This is especially true with change in our lives that is driven by others." remarked Sneddon.

Resistance to change and the lack of leadership and knowledge needed to affect change is well documented. Sneddon references an IBM survey revealing that only 40 percent of professional around the world believe they have the right skills in place to successfully manage “change projects." However, having led—and continuing to lead—his patent translation company through change has given Sneddon some insights on how to make transitions smoother for your employees and even yourself.

Sneddon believes that mental preparation, patience, practice, encouragement and open discussion are all key steps to managing and embracing change.

“Change can be difficult, especially after decades, or even just years, of doing things a certain way. Being willing to accept and embrace change—and helping others do the same—is the key to success, personally and in business. Nothing stays the same, so it’s futile to try to hold on to the past," concluded .

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